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Trado Global Limited uses the latest technological standards to ensure financial security, and the Agriculture Insurance Corporation insures all existing projects.

Bringing it all together

Consultancy and Farm establishment
All Round Agromarketing solutions
Reinventing Agro - Finance
Agricultural input sales

Consultancy and Farm establishment

With 2 years + of success in the agricultural sector, Trado doubles as an agritech consultant (both online and physical). working with individuals and companies interested in agriculture to plan and implement

all aspects of crop production establishment, such financial analysis, site selection, and soil preparation. We provide innovative solutions in agriculture by leveraging technology.

Reinventing Agro - Finance

Through various agricultural intervention schemes like the Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Nigerian Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL),

and third-party collaborations (Companies or Individual). Trado Finance makes available agricultural inputs and finance for farmers.

All Round Agromarketing solutions

Trado marketing provides benefits that support farmers to maximize their productivity through increased access to post-harvest services and a connection to superior markets, such as farmer’s markets,

wholesale markets, and public markets. Trado integrates innovative farming with market insights through developing both publicity and advertising strategies online and logistics offline that aggregates farm produce from farmers to the desired market.


Our team comprises the best on-site Professionals and trainers instructing and facilitating training in the most profitable and sustainable agricultural practices on De-risking

farming and Digital Agriculture to help farmers capably manage their farmland, effectively cultivate the land, Increase their yield, Build their skills in farm management, earn more income and improve the local economy.

Agricultural input sales

The backbone of any agricultural revolution is the access of farmers to modern agricultural inputs. Trado agri-input provides support throughout all phases of farm development

such as (Improved Seeds, Fertilizers, Nutrients, Crop protection, scientific analysis on crop protection chemicals) as they are very important criteria to successful crop production and inevitably, farm productivity and profitability.


Towards a greener financial future



Your money saver

Reach your financial objective by saving daily, weekly, or monthly with a goal in mind, such as retirement, vacation, down payment, or other large purchases.


Saving for Urgencies

Are you looking for a secure way to build up emergency funds? With Trado safe lock, you can now be assured of financial security against unexpected income loss while enjoying a significant increase in your savings until the due day.



Saving towards investment

Saving is good; investing is better Enjoy financial freedom from debts by locking down your three-month-old savings of N20, 000 or more, to invest in low, medium risk agribusiness opportunities.

Insured Farms and Secured
transactions in partnership with

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I am so delighted to recieve a credit alert from trado today even when I was least expecting it,I now realise the power of investment actually. I must comend you guys even admits insecurity in Niger State, my investment has no casualty, I got my money and dividend back. Thank you. Trado is 100percent legit. Kudos to you guys.

Posted 1 week ago


Trado is one of the best agricultural investment in Nigeria. I'm happy to be an investor here

Posted 2 weeks ago


Trado is the best, authentic and reliable.

Posted 3 weeks ago


Trado has been great so far, I look forward to investing more with Trado.

Posted 1 month ago


thanks to Trado global , i got my chilli pepper payment last month and i felt good, i know how much have lost to forex people, for me i will stick with Trado. i don`t know when next your investment will open but pls be sending notification.

Posted 1 month ago

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