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Rice Plantation
Farm insured by

Units: 20000

Period: 6 Months

  zuru kebbi state

Chilli Pepper
Farm insured by

Units: 30000

Period: 5 Months

  Zuru Kebbi State Nigeria

Farm insured by

Units: 20000

Period: 4 Months

  Iwo Osun State Nigeria

Why You Should Do Business With Us

We specialise in creating an alternative wealth creation.

In the last five months, investor's capital has increased by a massive return of investment of 25% after investing in our okra and pepper plantation.


With 137 acres of land and over 30 jobs created, Trado Global has empowered over 30 farmers, 0% losses, and a 100% insurance policy.


Be a Farmer While Sitting at Home


Are you a corporate worker/business person with a good understanding of investment but lack the time to startup?


Are you an individual seeking a secured platform to invest in? Do you aim for better earnings, not minding impacting the lives of others while at it?


Are you faced with too many bills to settle, and you need a helping hand for that school fees, project, or business idea?

Trado Global has made it easy for you to invest securely in agriculture and earn good returns from wherever you are.


Secured And Insured

We partnered with Nigeria Agriculture Insurance Corporation to insure all existing farm projects.

Our Payment gateway by Paystack. Simple and Secure.

At Trado we give you the best!

Our Milestones

How it works


Investors sign up on our website to create their own personalized Trado profile.


Investors surf through our platform, subscribe for a crop investment of choice and number of units to fund, then proceed to securely remit funds.


Monitor his investment as it's being used on the subscribed plan.

Get Paid

At the end of the farm cycle, investors gets his invested capital plus the specified return on investment ROI credited to his account.

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Join other Nigerians who are farming remotely today and earn smart tomorrow.

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